Vaporizers for Sale

When a product is new then lots of new retailers spring up quickly and vaporizers for sale is no exception to this rule. Maybe is just “another” of these or maybe it is establishing itself at the top of the pile.

It is somewhat of a specialist store – in that it only sells vaporizers and vaporizer accessories, so the assumption (or rather hope) would be that they are experts in their field.. set out to test that theory by giving them a call to ask for a bit of advice on vaporizer sales – what we established was that they knew what they were talking about and didn’t make it up when they didn’t.

Our specific question was relating to choosing either the volcano vaporizer or the silver surfer and we tried to throw at them the most technical question we could regarding thins such as heating times and power ratings – we invented the hypothetical situation of operating the vaporizer in a caravan that operated on a nominal 230v power supply run via an inverted from the vehicles 12v battery. We assumed that’d be a complex enough scenario to test their know-how..

They patiently went through the options and the things they didn’t know off-hand they consulted the manuals in order to be ale to make sure the answer was correct – rather then just busking it… most of the more technical specification aren’t often available on the manufacturers website but are printed at the back of any instruction book and specifications. A calculator was needed for some of the power-rating questions and they obliged with an answer that would have tested our (not quite) GCSE physics knowledge!

The actual result of the query (not that it mattered because it is a hypothetical scenario) was that for any weeds to vaporize then our electrical set-up was no quite up to spec and a more powerful inverter would have been needed. Just for your information many of the home vaporizers are running at several hundred watts so don’t expect them to work without blowing a fuse in all situations.

vaporizer for sale

vaporizer for sale

Now we have the answer to our hypothetical vaporizer for sale question then we are ready to get into out imaginary caravan and go off on a camping expedition…

For the dunweedin readers that aren’t able to take advantage of the UK vaporizer experts then you might want to try a US site that has bags of knowledge and a great FAQ section on every vaporizer product page you wouldn’t want to phone them over in the US but the responses to the questions are very thorough and very fast.