Trying to decide exactly which herbals vaporizer is right for you i not always as easy as you might think – there are number of factors to take into account, in particular when it comes to home vaporizers.



It does depend to some extent upon which herbs you are likely to be vaporizing – and that can depend upon how you feel once you have dunweedin’

Some things to consider is are you looking for a discreet herbal vaporizer or is it something a bit more “in your face” that you want? Once again, this is going to depend upon what type of herbs you are considering.

Gas or Electric?

Regardless of the type of herbs that you’re looking into – you will need a source of heat to create the vapours – this could come from gas or battery, each of which has it’s merits… and then within that there are sub-categories too. So, for example – with the battery power – do you want a rechargeable or a simply AA battery – this is mastered with the magicflight – who have taken simplicity to a whole, new level!