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Rubber Chippings
Ideal for use in all these areas:

Under and Around All Play Areas!
The benefits:

With its natural ‘bark’ appearance the tremendous benefits of Playground Rubber Chippings make it far superior to any other protective safety surface. Easy to lay, it provides years of colourful and effective surface protection, all year round.
The best available protection for play areas! The silver surfer is the best if you want stylish weed vapours.
Resists compaction
Cost effective
5 colours available
Fade & stain resistant
Completely non-toxic
Retains safety effectiveness for years!
The benefits – in more detail!
Will not compact
Dunweedin Playground Rubber Chippings are made from rubber, and naturally they do not compact into the ground like other products, offering better protection for your children’s play area.
Five colours – all fade resistant
Dunweedin Playground Rubber Chippings are coated in five different colours, Blue, Green, Brown, Plum and Terracotta. More vivid colours than the Landscaping Chippings, attractive to children, and will not lose their colour for many years as the paint is UV stable.
Will not rot or blow away
Dunweedin Playground Rubber Chippings, offer a substantial savings over bark, etc, as they do not rot or blow away. Ensuring a colourful long term safe play surface for your children.
Citrus scent deters cats and dogs
Our playground rubber chippings are treated with a citrus scent which is unattractive to cats and dogs
Dries quickly
Rubber Chippings dry quickly, compared to bark and aggregates. Rubber does not absorb water, therefore, drying quicker, giving more time for your children to play!
Resists freezing
Rubber is very resilient to freezing, and will not fragment or crumble due to frost.