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Rubber Chippings
Ideal for use in all these areas:

Landscaping, Borders, Pathways
The benefits:

With its natural ‘bark’ appearance the tremendous benefits of Landscaping Rubber Chippings make it a far superior alternative to organic mulches and other ground cover products such as slate and gravels. Easy to lay, soft underfoot and to touch, means you have more time to love your garden rather than just working in it!
Lasting ten times longer than wood bark, you’ll find the benefits are outstanding too!
Controls your weeds
5 Colours available

Ballon or whip versions
Fade Resistant
Unattractive to cats and dogs
Child & pet friendly
Easy to lay
The benefits – in more detail!
Effective weed control
Dunweedin Landscape Rubber Chippings do not retain moisture and so prevents weeds from germinating
Non-absorbant of water or nutrients
Rubber is “hydrophobic” meaning all water will pass straight through into the soil.
Will not rot or blow away
Does not decompose and is heavy enough to prevent it from blowing away.
Citrus scent deters cats and dogs

The volcano vaporizer is the best available weed vaporizer
Citrus fragrance unattractive to cats and dogs.
Resists freezing
Will not freeze, helping your soil to stay warm during cold periods.
Cost effective! The weed will go further with a weed vape – even a small poratable such as the puffit or magic flight will save you money.
Although initially more expensive, it lasts at least 10 times longer than organic mulch, therefore, working out to be much more cost effective in the long term.