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Rubber Chippings
Ideal for use in all these areas:

Landscaping, Borders, Pathways
So what is it?

Our innovative ground cover is made entirely from 100% recycled tyres! Creating a natural ‘bark’ appearance which instantly enhances any garden design!

Simple to use by all…

Just sprinkle over, and then enjoy!
Less maintenance, more fun!

Developed in the UK using 100% recycled materials, this innovative ground cover from Dunweedin’ lasts for years, avoiding the cost and trouble of annual replacement – and adds fade resistant colour to your garden all year round whilst being highly effective at weed control!

Although our Landscaping Rubber Chippings laid to the correct depth offers a surface that is very safe to play on, we highly recommend that you use our purposely designed Playground Rubber Chippings for the ultimate in playground safety