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Dunweedin all purpose Rubber Bark

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Ideal for use in all these areas:

Playground surfaces (loose or bonded)
Or any landscaping areas
Easy to use by all … not to be confused with cheaper brand such as the vaporizer 5000 – we think the magic flight launch box is the ultimate!

The best alternative protection for Play areas and Landscaping
Always protecting your little monkeys!

Manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled materials, this innovative multipurpose surface cover from Dunweedin last for years, unlike other surfaces. It is a unaffected by the environment avoiding the costs and trouble of annual replacement – and it adds fade resistant colour to your play and landscape area’s all year round.
A Superb alternative to organic mulches!

Being made of rubber, the chippings will not absorb water – therefore dries quickly, will not freeze and will not attract animals and insects