The Iolite Vaporize is focussed on the minerals that gave it the name. When you are dunweedin’ then you might consider the ilite as a unique weed vaporizer.

Both the wispr and the original are certainly better than weeding – an if you don’t understand then perhaps you don’t know as much about herbs as you think.

he herbs are everywhere in every garden, playground and school-yard – but some people think of the herbs as a weed – this is a misuse of the definition of weed. Yes you could kill them all with a much, it would be easy enough to care for – but sometimes then it is better to think how the weeds can be put to better use.

A mulch smothers the weeds, but it would also smother the herbs and flowers – whilst this is great for areas such as playgrounds – it is not always best for a garden A material such as rubber bark might seam like a great idea – simply made from old car tyres, but it has a life measured in the hundreds of years when it has been placed in the ground – and that can have an affect upon future generations of herbs.



herbal plants

Perhaps a more pragmatic approach to controlling weed – would be to would be to clearly define which herbs are in fact “weeds” in the first place and then think about how you can maximise the useful herbs to out-compete the ones that you don’t really want?