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Dunweedin’ Benefits
Made in the UK from recycled tyres
Years of attractive and effective weed control
Perfectly safe for kids and pets
Does not absorb valuable water and nutrients
Citrus scent deters cats and dogs
Will not rot or blow away
Resists freezing
Ideal for domestic and commercial landscaping
Cost effective, outlasts bark and woodchip many times over


Dunweedin’ does not kill weeds, it works by preventing weed seed from reaching the soil. The seed will stay on top of Dunweedin’ where it will dehydrate and die as insufficient moisture is retained in the mulch to germinate the seed. To get the best results we suggest treating the ground with a pre-emergent to kill any existing weed and then apply a landscaping fabric to the area. This should then be covered with Dunweedin at a depth of between 3-5 cm

Soil Improver

Dunweedin’ will also act as a soil improver, recycled rubber chips are a proven soil and turf enhancer and have been used for many years by the RHS at Wisley, The National Trust, professional groundsmen, golf clubs, football clubs and numerous other sports grounds throughout the UK. So should you wish to alter your garden at any time in the future you may safely dig Dunweedin’ into the soil surface where it will prevent compaction and aid irrigation, creating excellent growing conditions. This use of rubber chips is covered by UK patent and proven by independent research carried out by Manchester University and the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute).